ICSB Puppy-Pak

Canine Fresh-Chilled Semen Shipping
Sold Directly to Dog Breeders and Veterinarians
Available and in use since 1985!

Thoroughly tested and most successful kit available today!
Veterinarians and breeders agree:

The Puppy Pak provides the easiest system and prevents damage to sperm cells due to over-handling during the collection, packaging and shipping process.

Easy to use-just 4 simple steps:
  1. Collect semen specimen from dog
  2. Pour specimen into the media tube and cap
  3. Place into the "Puppy Pak" kit as instructed
  4. Ship
To use, simply warm the cooled semen to between room and body temperature and inseminate.

ICSB Puppy Paks are reusable. No need to buy an entire new kit each time. All you need to order is the replacement media.

Inexpensive The Puppy Paks are $50.00 each, plus shipping. Instructions and media included.

Replacement media: $23.00, plus shipping

The "Puppy Pak" is less than half the price of many other fresh chilled kits and has been proven to be the most successful kit available.

Other items that can be ordered and shipped with the "Puppy Pak":

Disposable semen collection kit - $2.25
Artificial insemination kit - $7.00 (specify breed)
Disposable semen collection kit for toy dogs - $2.25

* Media will come with expiration date printed on label

ICSB Puppy Pak ICSB Puppy Pak
Instructions for Using the ICSB Puppy-Pak