Epididymal Sperm Harvest Kits

Epididymal Sperm Harvest Kit (Epi-Kit)

ICSB-OREGON™ Breeders legacy

ICSB-OREGON offers unique products and services that have been developed from over 35 years of research. Now you can continue your breeding program, from remote locations and ship your dog's testes after neutering or an un-foreseen event. Many people whose dogs are difficult to collect can also send the testes in for harvest. Harvesting allows ICSB to extract the sperm cells and freeze them for later use.


The ICSB Epi-Kit is an amazing opportunity for breeders and pet owners to preserve that special friend and stud dog that cannot be replaced. The sperm cells that are extracted, (when shipped and cared for properly) have an excellent chance of survival, even in situations where the dog has died traumatically or has been diagnosed with a terminal disease.

The staff at ICSB has been extensively trained in this delicate and little known procedure. Research and training has been done exclusively by Prof. Carrol C. Platz, Jr.

When you wish to ship the testes from an animal that is neutered, euthanized or has expired from an accident or diseases please call our office for prices and procedures that your vet should follow for optimum results.

ICSB Epi-Kits are available for purchase online. *NOTE: DO NOT SHIP TO P.O. BOXES

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