Breeding Supplies

Canine Semen Collection Kits
Canine Semen Collection Kits:
Disposable Collection Kit
(vinyl sheath, light duty tube w/instructions) - $2.25 ea

Disposable Collection Kit for Toy Breeds
(vinyl sealed sheath, light duty graduated collection tube) - $2.25

Artificial Insemination Kit
Artificial Insemination Kit:
One syringe, connector, one insemination rod, lubricant. Specify dog breed - $7 ea

Insemination rods only: 12 pack
Specify dog breed - $14

CF-Plus Supplement
CF-Plus Supplement:

In many cases this product appears to improve canine sperm production, increasing sperm concentration and quality. It also has been known to regulate the females season.
500 tablets (instructions included)
- $65

Also available for large breeds: CF Plus [lb] Fertility Supplement (300 Tablets) - $95
The same supplement for larger dogs in a higher dosage so the number of pills they are required to take is less. There are 300 pills per bottle


Another ICSB first. Research exclusive to ICSB has provided a successful program for the recovery, freezing and artificial insemination of canine sperm cells from the testes of dogs that have died or have been neutered. Easy to follow instructions. - $25


5 ounce tube.
Non-spermicidal. For artificial inseminations and semen collection.
- $7

ICSB-Shipping Media Replacement
ICSB-Shipping Media Replacement:

Must be shipped overnight! - $23 + shipping

*See Puppy-Pak page for a more information!

ICSB -''Puppy Pak''
ICSB -''Puppy Pak'':

Kit must be shipped overnight or 2nd day! - $50 + shipping

*See Puppy-Pak page for a more detailed description!

ICSB-Canine Semen Extension Media:

Increase volume and/or improve quality of canine ejaculates. Dog breeders rely on this media for improved canine semen samples when performing artificial inseminations. Improved sperm motility and progressive movement in most cases and provides an excellent medium to increase ejaculate volume. - $10.50 per 4cc vial

ICSB Buffer Solutions

Item # PH-AC (Acid) PH-Alkaline
For adjusting low or high pH canine semen. Specify which buffer is needed: instructions included - $15

Item # ICSB-Buffer #SU
A buffering solution that offers protection for sperm cells when urine occurs in the canine ejaculate. - $14 per 4.0cc vial

Item # HS
A buffering solution that offers protection for sperm cells when blood cells are present in the ejaculate. - $14 per 10cc vial

Microscope Slides:

1 x 3 inch glass slides in packs of 20 - $6

Microscope cover slips:

22 x 22 mm (1 inch by 1 inch), packs of 20 - $5

Epi-KitICSB-Cryo Kit

Please visit the Cryo-Kit page for a more detailed description and additional options - $25 + shipping
Kit can be shipped overnight or 2nd day

Six Inch Cotton Tipped Swabs:

Commonly used for taking vaginal swabs. Non-sterile. In packs of 25 swabs. - $3.50

Disposable Gloves:

Small, large state size when ordering. 10 pairs non sterile. - $4

Disposable Glass Pasteur Pipettes:

For transferring of liquids. Glass 5 3/4 inch, 2cc capacity. Pack of 20 - $4

Rubber Pipette Bulbs:

For ease in drawing and dispensing fluids through disposable pipettes. Pack of 2 bulbs. - $2.50