What does International Canine Semen Bank™ do?

ICSB staff includes skilled professionals that understand the needs of the dog fancy.

The ICSB provides for the breeder:
  1. Mobile and Show Service Laboratory facilities for canine semen freezing, evaluation and consultations.
  2. Our 3 exclusives: Our 'ICSB Puppy-Pak' for shipping fresh chilled semen, 'ICSB Cryo-Kit' for shipping semen to us for freezing and storage, and the 'ICSB Epi-Kit' to ship dog testes for retrieval/freezing of canine sperm.
  3. In-house semen collection, artificial insemination and veterinarians on call 7 days a week for surgical inseminations.
  4. Experienced veterinarians for artificial inseminations and surgical inseminations.
  5. Consultation available to veterinarians and dog breeders.
  6. The most complete semen evaluation available for your stud dog, including acrosome integrity testing.
  7. Artificial insemination products and supplies.
  8. Media and buffers for adjusting or correcting canine semen imbalance and contaminants.
  9. DNA testing for registry and paternity testing (all results confidential).
  10. Frozen canine semen shipping to foreign countries, including Australia, England, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Poland, South Africa and many others.

  11. As time goes by dog breeders will no doubt see canine competitors come and go, but rest assured ICSB has the history, experience, long-term commitment and support to provide our services to dog breeders worldwide for many decades to come.